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As a reminder... [Nebula realm]

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-->ps-home 後継候補一覧 ときどき更新していますので前にご覧になった方もあらためて御覧くださいvirtual worlds after ps-home

フェイスブックのNebula Realmsグループに極めて興味深い記事が掲載されました。バーチャルリアリティにおけるデータの保存と有効期間に関する考察はセカンドライフや他のVR-SNSに共通の問題です。

Here is the impressive article from Nebula Realms Lead Community Advisor.
Brandon Ernsberger placed it on Facebook

As a reminder...
I have seen some people reference Sony's closure to PlayStation Home, in comparison to if and when Nebula Realms will end. People are afraid of losing their purchases and progress, in the same way it was lost on Home. I understand and I empathize with that particular issue, as well.
For this reason, our developers have decided to create a PC and MAC version of Nebula Realms...after PS4 development has completed and launched. All your purchases, saves, avatars and progress will transfer from the PS4 to these platforms, while simultaneously providing alternate hardware options/support...for preferences beyond the PS4 console. In the future, if Sony ever decides to discontinue the PS4 or drop network support...all "Nebulites" (LOL) will have the option to make this transfer to PC and/or MAC. You will not lose anything. This is the backup plan.
That being said, I will remind you...everything has a shelf life and expiration. Nothing lasts forever and that can be said, for most things in life. I cannot lie to you and tell you that Nebula Realms will last beyond humanity, til the end of time. We have a very long road ahead of us, folks. Our devs haven't even launched the closed beta, yet. It is our hope, that Nebula Realms will run for years and years to come. Perhaps even see our children grow to embrace this new virtual world...and welcome a new generation.
However, a lot of us tend to forget...we can't take this stuff with us, when it's all said and done. It's all virtual. Pixels on a server, stored on a hard drive somewhere in the Xaloc Studio's office. When we buy things, just like with Home...we are basically paying to RENT licensed content, while the service is operational. All that clothing, LMO's, furniture, apartments, use those things, have fun with them and enjoy them within that service, but when that service expires...all associated content will expire, as well. It is extremely important to remember this sad fact, going forward as this information and other various details will be included in the Nebula Realms TOS. Just as it was included in Home's TOS. It is not likely that our developers will issue refunds, for any purchases made or content lost, when this service expires; as that will ultimately accumulate to literally millions of dollars, over several years to come. Sony knew this as well, hence why their "no refund" clause was included in their terms of service with Home. No company or corporation is gonna bleed millions of dollars in refunds. We have to realize these things, as they apply to the many virtual worlds...MMO' and multiplayer games/DLC...and be responsible enough to know what we're getting ourselves into, when we click [I AGREE]
Like I said, we have a long road ahead of us with Nebula Realms. It's really too early to be worried about closure, before we've even launched. Give it some time. Until then....I hope everyone will enjoy all our virtual world has to offer over the years; and may your experiences be ever so rewarding. We're all in this together. You guys are great. Love you all and thank you!


Female Editor (Nebula Realm) [Nebula realm]

1号館 2011-01-23 2013-01-09
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-->ps-home 後継候補一覧 ときどき更新していますので前にご覧になった方もあらためて御覧くださいvirtual worlds after ps-home



Nebula Realms - Female editor 2015/10/31
Work in progress footage of Nebula Realms, a social MMO for PS4


比較のために ps-homeでの操作を記録した動画を引用します。ただしフランス語です。
Playstation HOME | Ce n'est qu'un au revoir

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